Asahi Pentax M42 Links

Here's a list of helpful links I've found while researching Pentax M42 lenses roughly organized by topic.

Some of these pages may be broken or in your non-native language. If they're broken, I'd recommend searching for them on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. If you need a web page to be translated, I've found Google Translate to be a serviceable solution.

If you have any links you think should be here, feel free to email them to me. The contact email address is this website's name at gmail dot com. (This hint is an effort to minimize spam)

Pentax M42 Lens Collection
Lens Specifications:
M42-Mount Lens History:
Lens Reviews:
Here's some good sites I've found with reviews and lens tests of { title } lenses.
  • M42-Mount Lenses at above link is repeated here with good reason: Pentax Forums is the best resource I've found for reviews and info on Pentax M42 lenses)
  • Lens Reviews at Casual Photophile(High quality articles but unfortunately only covering a few Pentax lenses. Highly recommended also for their camera reviews and other articles)
Lens Repair Guides & Manuals:
Note: I've often found YouTube to be a good source of disassembly/repair videos. If in doubt, try searching there for your lens.
  • PDF Manuals at user manuals and pamphlets for various Pentax cameras and lenses. (PDFs are password-protected, the password for all PDFs is 'Pentax')
Additional Asahi Pentax M42 Resources:
Additional pages which didn't fit into the above topics.